Create Peru Adventures


Create Peru Adventures is a local company based in Cusco _ Peru and 100% Peruvian operator.
Create Peru Adventures was founded by local Peruvian Guide with a lot of experience in adventures and journeys and support the local communities of Cusco trying to get them involved in the tourism activity in order to develop new skills for a better future and keeping their culture, traditions and care for the Environment.
Create Peru Adventures is one of the few agencies that cares about the job of the “Porters” on the hike
We can guarantee the good treatment to our personnel (Guides, drivers and porters) Our Porters do a huge percentage the job on the Inca Trail and in different treks. They deserve to be treated well. All our porters are trained and equipped with proper bags to carry the equipment, back supports, T-shirts, warm jackets, huts for the cold nights, rain ponchos, and plenty of food. We provide insurance for each of them as a responsible tour operator. Our staff are well paid.
We offer that really local experience in our tours
We are one of the few Companies that take care of the welfare to the porters
We have the best travel packages
We have experience enough in trekking routes
We promote a sustainable tourism
Our staff is trained regularly for customer service